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Our team of attorneys at Family Law Group has significant experience in many types of cases in family law. We have also provided legal guidance to clients dealing with retirement orders, such as military retirement and divorce, survivor benefits, and other government pension programs. We regularly go to trial for our clients and seek to come up with creative, unique solutions to their legal problems. We have decades of experience litigating in Virginia courts, and we have even brought cases as high up as the Supreme Court of Virginia. We are a boutique firm with strong advovacy, and you can trust that Family Law Group is committed to understanding every detail of your case to fight for you in court.

“It's true that some things are priceless, and the guidance and good counsel you gave to me definitely qualifies.”

- Satisfied Client

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We are compassionate Manassas attorneys that take a team-based approach to every client’s case brought to our firm. We handle each case with immense care and are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Our team of successful trial and appellate lawyers can handle your case with skill and dedication. We also understand that every client’s situation is unique and we have the experience to handle even the most complex cases. Further, we seek to stay up-to-date with the continually changing law and go over all our clients’ cases in monthly team meetings to brainstorm creative and unique solutions to their legal matters. We understand our clients on a deeper level to build a more personal and compassionate case for them.

For more information on how Family Law Group can help you, schedule a consultation at (703) 552-5072 or online here.

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“It’s true that some things are priceless, and the guidance and good counsel you gave to me definitely qualifies.”

– Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Donna to anyone seeking a family law attorney. Her guidance, compassion and legal expertise were exactly what I needed during the tumultuous proceeding and I am pleased she advocated for and not against me.”

– T.M., Parent

“Donna was straightforward about what the process would entail and accurate about her cost estimate. Should it be necessary I would also gladly use her services again!”

– K.B., Parent of Two Young Children

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“She fiercely protected my interests while keeping my expectations reasonable.”

- Satisfied Client

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