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Child Support in Virginia Explained

There are additional components to think of when divorcing children during the process. For example, you have to consider visitation schedules and child support payments. It is vital that children have the financial resources necessary to succeed in life. However, determining support payments can be stressful.


The team at Family Law Group can help explain child support in Virginia, preparing you in the divorce process.


Responsibility for Support

The state of Virginia emphasizes the importance of having adequate support for children, whether or not the parents were married previously. Each parent has an obligation and responsibility to make payments for their children, so they have the same benefits as a child with both parents in the home.


Each parent is responsible for a certain percentage of payments, depending on the custody arrangement. For example, if the custodial parent has the children for most of the year, the other parent may be responsible for the majority of the support payments. These payments cover essential costs, such as healthcare or school expenses, ensuring that they get the necessary care.


What Makes Up Income

When individuals think of income, paychecks and salaries are the first things that come to mind. Included in this are extra payment avenues, such as bonuses, stipends, or even severance pay. Forms of unemployment even constitute income. If an individual receives social security payments or disability, this can be considered for support payments.


Did you know? If an individual receives lottery winnings, this can count towards the funds utilized for child support payments.


How to Calculate Payments

Calculating child support payments in Virginia is made more accessible by an established formula. In order to calculate an accurate payment, you need to utilize the number of children and the salaries of each parent. Furthermore, you also have to consider the amount of time the children spend with each parent. There are online tools that can be used to help you calculate a fair amount of child support, helping you ascertain the amount you can expect to pay. Keep in mind that these may only be estimations for payments and that attorneys and the courts will provide a more accurate and exact number.


Fair Payments

Once the child support payment is calculated, keep in mind that one parent will not pay the entirety. Each parent must pay their fair share of support payments. This is all depending on the existing custody arrangements. You also have to consider how much each parent contributes to the combined salary. If one parent earns only $1,500 per month and the other earns $3,000, the higher-earning parent will pay a more significant percentage of support payments. The individual who has primary custody of the child will be the one that receives the payment from the other parent.


Exceptions to Guidelines

However, there are always exceptions to guidelines. Sometimes the courts may deem that following the traditional guidelines are unfair to either the parents or child. Examples of these exceptions include, but are not limited to:


The child has special needs that require additional care

There are specific custody arrangements that require additional costs, such as travel

One parent is underemployed and unable to provide

Each parent’s ability to earn and provide


However, the courts have to justify any deviations from the standard support guidelines in writing.


Family Law Group is in Your Corner

While you are going through the process of determining child custody payments, you should not have to do it alone. Family Law Group is experienced in providing legal counsel and supporting clients throughout the child support process.



Our team can provide you with assistance in child support. Give Family Law Group a call at (703) 552-5072 today!


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